Tornado N-RAM Premier Grade Nitrogen Ram Technology, Break Barrel, Full-Power Air Pistol



The ‘Tornadotm N-RAMtm is a Premier Grade Nitrogen Ram Technology, Break Barrel, Full-Power (5+FPE) Pistol, available in .177 & .22, with a precision rifled steel barrel, 9mm scope dovetail, ambidextrous chequered hardwood grips designed by Airgun Guru, Nigel Allen, former editor of ‘Airgun Shooter’ Magazine, manual safety, and fibre optic sights (Rear is adjustable), at the lowest SRP price point in the category at only £119.99.

Further innovation is shown in our SupressedAIRtm Airgun Suppressor System, which features multiple noise-reducing baffles and significantly reduces muzzle ‘crack’, but also acts as a cocking-aid to make cocking this full power air pistol a much less onerous task.

The use of Nitrogen Ram Technology (‘N-RAMtm’) reduces felt recoil and produces a faster lock-time than with traditional spring-powered guns, ensuring that the pellet leaves the barrel more quickly, once the trigger is pulled, producing greater accuracy than traditional ‘springers’ ‘‘N-RAMtm’’ also allows the pistol to stay cocked all-day without loss of power, or damage to its Gas Strut, meaning the shooter never misses that ‘once-in-a-trip’ target opportunity.

The pistols are fitted with micro-adjustable fibre optic rear sights and a fixed fibre-optic foresight and feature 9/11mm dovetailing designed to make fitting a PAO® pistol scope, red/green dot holographic sight or a red or green laser a swift and straightforward task.

Inspect and collect from our shop in Shenstone (South Staffordshire) or we can deliver to your local Registered Firearms Dealer.

We charge £8.00 for delivery to your RFD but your RFD might charge you a handling fee.

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