Lee Enfield SENTRY Regulated PCP Air Rifle Tactical Kit


Lee Enfield SENTRY Regulated PCP Air Rifle Tactical Kit

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A radical new design of a regulated PCP. The rifle has a striking “Sports-Pup”, appearance combining a Forestock constructed from well-moulded Ballistic Polymer and a Thumb-Hole Buttstock, with an adjustable cheek piece, made from hand-oiled European Beech, which combines light-weight with great grip and control. The rifle has a fully regulated action that delivers a high number of very consistent shots-120+ in .22 and 100+ in .177 at 11.5fpe energy -from a single fill. The Sentry has a precision-rifled steel barrel which is terminated with a removeable ½” UNF threaded silencer. Scope and accessory mounting options are varied and plentiful, with an 11mm scope dovetail positioned over the action and no less than six 22mm Weaver/Picatinny mounting points-three over the barrel; two on either side of, and one under, the forestock, providing perfect flexibility to add a PAO® LumenMAX 900 Hunting Lamp and a PAO®  Red or Green Laser and an AirForceOne® ‘ADRAS’ Tilt & Swivel Bipod to the Shooters rig. Each rifle is supplied with a filler probe, two magazines (9-shot in .177, 8-shot in .22), a single-shot tray and a set of ‘in-life’ spare seals and ‘O’ rings. Other features include a fill-pressure gauge located in the end of the air cylinder; a metal trigger blade and a manual slide-style safety built into the trigger guard.

Tac kit Includes Rifle + Bipod + Tactical Case


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