Five Point Charter


  1. No sales of knives or bladed multi-tools to under 18s. Don’t ask. Don’t even think about asking. Verboten. No chance. No way Jose. Comprende? – Yes, I know we are labouring the point, but it’s against the Law and the under 18s rule is for your safety and protection as much as ours.
  2. Proof of age WILL BE REQUIRED for all knife and multi-tool sales, before they are despatched and yes, we do check. Please don’t consider buying a knife for an underage friend you are not doing them or yourself – any favours. You are both breaking the law.
  3. For knives with blades that exceed 3″ in length we will ask you your reasons for wanting one. Hunting, Fishing, Filleting, Camping are all good reasons Because they look cool” is not.
  4. Our EDC range of “Every Day Carry” knives is a comprehensive collection of high quality folding knives with blades not exceeding 3″, suitable for a multitude of sporting and recreational activities, for which a specific purpose is not required in law. Using the highest quality stainless steel, their blades are super-sharp so be careful.
  5. Never carry a knife of any description or a bladed multi-tool – in any place where the public gather Sporting events, pubs, clubs, schools, colleges and universities are no place for knives. Knives are fantastically versatile, ultra-useful tools and in many cases-works of true craftsmanship and artistic skill. Take pleasure in their ownership and use, but always behave responsibly and use with safety in mind.