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THE SHOOTING PARTY – for all your Shooting Sports goods.

We are a West Midlands based airgun and shooting sports product designers, developers, importers, distributors and retailers and one of the top destinations to acquire inexpensive, but fully featured, air rifles, air pistols and air rifle accessories. Why not take a look at our range of spring-piston, CO2, single-stroke pneumatic and pre-charged pneumatic guns and accessories.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of PCP Airgun Charging Systems, featuring 3L, 5L & 7L 300 BAR Cylinders, as well as offering a “walk in” refill service for any 300 BAR cylinder of any make or capacity from our Industrial 4-Line filling station.

Many gun shops won’t buy, or part exchange, used airguns. Not The Shooting Party. We are the largest purchasers of used airguns in the Midlands and are always happy to consider a part-exchange of a used gun, against the purchase of a new one.

Located only minutes from the M6 Toll Road, M42, A5 & A38 we are just 20 miles from Birmingham, with ample, free, off-road parking.

We also supply a vast range of Hunting & Shooting accessories to novice and experienced shooters alike, in the Staffordshire, South Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Birmingham and West Midlands areas. Please note that some products are only available in store, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure.
We are the exclusive UK importer of the following very high quality – and highly competitively priced – shooting sports brands:

  • Lee Enfield (Guns) Ltd -20th Century iconic weapon replicas and modern precision airguns
  • PAO® – Professional Airgun Optics
  • AirForceOne®-Airguns and accessories
  • “QYS” – Olympic-winning pellets
  • “JTS” – Pellets & Airacuda Air Rifles
  • Anson & Deeley®-Leather shooting accessories-cartridge bags, belts and shooting sticks


Lee Enfield (Guns) Ltd. Through their widely praised Brothers in Arms® series of replicas of iconic 20th Century military weapons, they have brought you CO2 powered, steel 4.5mm BB versions of the Mosin Nagant M1944 (as heavily featured in the Jude Law film “Enemy at the Gate”), The Russian-Afghan era , Kalashnikov AK-74, the M4 A1 carbine, M1911 A1 handgun -and possibly the most recognised of them all -the Lee Enfield SMLE®. Recently they have also introduced a modern, fully regulated PCP rifle, the SENTRYtm , that has become one of the best selling PCP’s in the UK. Coming in Autumn 2021 is the MAG-FIRE® -a magazine -fed, under-lever springer.

PAO® – Professional Airgun Optics offer out-of-the-box functionality coupled with a Lifetime Warranty on a complete range of air pistol and air rifle accessories including Rifle Scopes, Pistol Scopes, Hunting Scopes, SWAT Scopes, First Focal Plane scopes, Inexpensive Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Laser Sights, Red Dot Sights, Range Finders, LumenMAX Lamping Systems, Hunting Lamps, Hunting Torches, Match-Grade Rifle Mounts, Pistol Mounts, Laser Mounts, Lamp Mounts, Torch Mounts. Rapid Release Mounts, High Mounts, Medium High Mounts, 11mm Mounts, 22mm Mounts, Weaver Mounts, Picatinny Mounts, 25mm Bodied Mounts and 30mm Bodied Mounts. We recently introduced three new Rifle Scope models in the “SSS” series, that incorporate two new, patent-pending technologies –Smart Spherical Structure (“SSS”) which improves the accuracy and positivity of Elevation and Windage adjustments and Thin Scope Shell (“TSS”) which improves the Field of view

AirForceOne® design, develop and manufacture Airguns, Desert Falcon Air Pistols, Dual-Calibre Air Pistols, Tornado Gas Ram Pistols, Air Rifles, “Panther” Airgun pellets in .177,.22 & .25 Calibres, “ADRAS” Bipods, Gun Slips, C02 BB Rifles, C02 Pistols and Airgun Accessories.

Qiang Yuan Sports-“QYS” are today routinely referred to as “The best Airgun pellets in the World” by Champion Shooters, Experts and Journalists alike. We import 4 metric tonnes of these pristine, consistent, perfectly formed pellets, three or four times a year. With a range of .22 calibre (5.5mm) being introduced from January 2022, these numbers are set to more than double! Watch this space.

Anson & Deeley® produce hand-stitched Leather Cartridge Bags, Cartridge Belts, Rifle Slips, Shotgun Slips, Rifle Bags, Shotgun Bags, Shooting Stick Seats, Rotating Pigeon Seats, Pigeon Hides and Camouflage Hides.
We also sell Pellets, Ammunition, Targets, HSF Clothing, Cleaning Kits, Ear Protection and have a Rifle & Pistol Test Shooting Range available at our West Midlands based shop.
We have carefully researched the airgun market around the world, allowing us to develop inexpensive air rifles, air pistols and air rifle accessories with high quality, great performance which provide the best overall value to our customers. We have relationships with leading shooting sport and hunting equipment manufacturers to always have the edge when it comes to providing the best available products on the market.


We have introduced a range of “Gel Blaster” guns from November 2022





A GEL BLASTER is a safer modern alternative to airsoft and BB guns. GEL BLASTER is a family friendly and an incredibly inexpensive alternative to nerf guns, airsoft and paintball. GEL BLASTER guns fire ‘gel/water ammo’. The ammo starts out as small absorbent beads that expand when soaked in water, when fired, the ammo easily bursts on low impact. This means they’re safe to use in skirmish battles and target shooting with little to no mess (the ammo dries to practically nothing after use). Does not stain clothing.


Yes, 100%! GEL BLASTER guns fire at a much lower velocity and don’t weigh that much so while they can cause a tiny sting, they aren’t dangerous but safety glasses must be worn during use. Gel balls are completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly and leave no mess, residue or stains.


We recommend hydrating gel balls in water for at least 4 hours, then draining the water and leaving them in a sealed container until you wish to use them. For long term storage, put the gel balls in a sealed container or bottle in the fridge.

Failure to place in an airtight container will result in the balls shrinking back to their original or unusable size. If they do shrink, you can hydrate them again by adding water but they won’t be as firm as before.

Please make sure to also empty the magazine and clear the chamber once finished using all GEL BLASTER guns to avoid blockages.


No. It fires frangible( denoting ammunition designed to disintegrate into very small particles on impact) ammo that pops on impact. Unlike BB guns they shoot at much low er power and don’t hurt anywhere near as much, if at all. GEL BLASTER guns have been designed to be clearly distinguishable from real weapons for various reasons, including user safety.


Yes, as long as everyone is consenting. Just make sure you wear safety glasses – included with most models which will protect your eyes in the case of a stray shot. You must only shoot at people who have agreed to be shot at!


Yes and No, a close-range shot may cause a small stinging sensation and a tiny red mark, but it’s orders of magnitudes softer than airsoft or paintball, doesn’t bruise and is gone in a second. A huge amount of fun!


GEL BLASTER guns are not classed as toys. These are not suitbale for persons under the age of 14 unless supervised by an adult.


No, GEL BLASTER guns are not replica weapons and they are safe for everyone to use. GEL BLASTER is not suitable for children under 14 unless supervised by an adult. Safety glasses should be worn at all times by all participants. Please do not use these in public places.


Yes, and a 3-hour charge is all that’s required. A USB charger is supplied with all battery powered GEL BLASTER guns. On some guns such as the Uzi, even if the light on the charger goes out, ensure it’s charged for a full 3 hours to make sure it’s topped all the way up.


Yes, we have additional ammo, spare batteries and chargers, just let us know and we’ll sort it for you.


No, only the supplied GEL BLASTER water ammo




“Let’s get this (Shooting) Party started!”

I’m Mike Hurney, the founder of The Shooting Party and Lee Enfield (Guns) Ltd. I have been a keen shooter for over 40 years and have been actively involved in the gun trade for over two decades, firstly as a Director and Shareholder in Airgun Sport, the owner of the AGS and Logun brands, and since 2006 as Chairman, CEO and a major shareholder of Webley the iconic British shooting company established 220 years ago, and owner of the Webley brand of Air Guns and the Webley & Scott brand of shotguns.

During this time I have travelled all over the world researching firearms, sporting optics and knife production; building key relationships with manufacturing partners, ensuring that the specification of our products reflect the needs and aspirations of our customers, and that our price points offer tremendous value for money.

Quality is implicit in everything The Shooting Party does. I formed The Shooting Party to offer premium quality shooting sports products at value-for-money prices in an easily accessible way, via our web site (Fire arms legislation is such that Air weapons can only be sold “face-to-face” so we offer a delivery service within a fifty mile radius of our West Midlands based retail showroom).

Over the coming months more new and exclusive items will be added to our site and if there is something specific that you would like to see added to our range, e-mail me, Mike Hurney, at [email protected] or just give me a call on 01543 480 361
– I really want you to join our party!