Pistol Sights

PAO® – Professional Airgun Optics design and manufacture an exclusive range of air pistol scopes and sights including a traditional duplex reticle 2 x 20 Scope, a variable magnification, MIL-DOT reticle 2-8 x 32 scope-the largest pistol scope magnification available in Europe. These pistol scopes have long eye-relief and are designed to be held at arm’s length in a typical pistol shooting stance, and as such, are not suitable for use with traditional rifles. We offer tactical red/green dot sights with multiple levels of illumination, that can be used with both eyes open, for rapid target acquisition, red or green lasers and a green laser/LED CREE Lamp combo. All our scopes & sights have standard 9mm or 20mm weaver-style mounting options available at no extra cost. We offer the highest quality at the lowest price.

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