ALOR 25 PRO Thermal Handheld


ALOR 25 PRO Thermal Handheld FEATURES
· Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane detector.
· Ultra-low power consumption.
· Fire detection and alarm.
· Connects to the mobile app through Wi-Fi hotspot.
· Connects to the external display through the CVBS port.
· Provides a laser for aiming.
· Calculates distance using video analysis.
· Lightweight and portable.
· IP67 rated.

This model has Wi-Fi connection.

· Lightweight and portable.
· IP67 rated.


The ALOR 25 PRO Thermal Handheld by Night Pearl captures sharp thermal images of running targets and moving vehicles at a fast frame rate. It clearly displays targets in high resolution, even if they are moving quickly. Designed to increase situational awareness at any time of day, ALOR 25 PRO Thermal Handheld can detect humans, animals, and objects in complete darkness, haze, or through glaring light, equipping law enforcement professionals, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts with reliable thermal imaging in tough conditions.

The quick menu of functions is adapted to change settings immediately and clearly.

Alor Hunt: 256x192px sensor, Alor Pro: 400×300 px sensor, Alor Max: 640×512 px sensor

Up to 5 hours of battery life ensures that you don’t have to worry about power.

Advanced Image Processing
Designed to be precise, this ALOR 25 PRO Thermal Handheld monocular produces vivid video images through its enhanced detector and Night Pearl developed image processing algorithm.

Video Ranging
With its hassle-free distance measurement feature, simply mark the top and bottom of a target on the screen, and the interface will automatically display the distance of the target from the ALOR 25 PRO Thermal Handheld monocular.

Fire Detection
Fire detection is now available for the first time with this monocular through Night Pearl`s core technology. The ALOR 25 PRO Thermal Handheld monocular can automatically detect fires that break out in the scene and track them in real time.

Simultaneous Multi-user Connections
Multiple phones can connect to the monocular through the Wi-Fi at the same time. Through the mobile phone, you can watch the live view, capture images, record videos and configure parameters.

Diopter Adjustment
By using the diopter adjustment knob, the monocular can be set to match the eyesight of different users, ensuring that each user sees a clear image.

Portable and Low Power Consumption
With its small and lightweight design, it functions for longer periods while remaining fully charged, making long-term outdoor use more convenient.





 Detection range (graph)1020 m1490 m1960 m
 Magnification (optical/digital)1x / 1-8x1,3x / 1-8x1,7x / 1-8x
 Magnification (total range)1 – 8x1,3 – 10,4x1,7 – 13,6x
 Sensor resolution, core type400×300 px400×300 px400×300 px
 Core typeCeramic VOx, 17μmCeramic VOx, 17μm
Ceramic VOx, 17μm
 Objective Ø13 mm19 mm25 mm
 Dioptric correction-4/+5 dpt-4/+5 dpt-4/+5 dpt
 Refresh rate50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
 Display type1280×960 px, LCOS1280×960 px, LCOS
1280×960 px, LCOS
 Field of view24,0°x22,6°20,4°x15,3°15,5°x11,6°
 Field of view (m/100m)42,5 x 4036 x 26,927,2 x 20,3
 Color palette5 types5 types5 types
 Shooting at different distances
 StorageSD card (up to 256 GB)SD card (up to 256 GB)
SD card (up to 256 GB)
 Take photos / videosYesYesYes
 Operating time (t=25 °C)To 5 hTo 5 hTo 5 h
 Dimensions (L, W, H), weight187.5×66.5×68.5 mm, 450 g187.5×66.5×68.5 mm, 450 g
187.5×66.5×68.5 mm, 450 g
 Target detection (vehicle)1020 m1490 m1960 m
 Target detection (deer – 1,7 m)382 m558 m735 m
 Start-up time
 Warranty36 months36 months36 months
 App supportYesYesYes


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