.177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets


.177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets.

8.44 grains – 4.51mm.

Supplied in Tin of 500 pellets, with foam lined lid.

Waisted round head suitable for target shooting and hunting.



.177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets

8.44 grains – 4.51mm

.177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets are made by JSB – a power house air rifle and air pistol pellet manufacturer. Based in the Czech Republic, their airgun pellets are exported around the globe. They are used by top target shooters and professional pest controllers all over the world.

Precision Ammo

All JSB airgun pellets are considered world class by airgun shooters in the know for good reason.

JSB invest very heavily in the latest, state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. Every single pellet is hand sorted and individually checked to ensure every one is created equal.

The quality of a pellets is paramount to the performance of any air pistol or air rifle, whether it is spring-powered, a PCP (precharged pneumatic) or CO2-powered. The best airgun in the world will only be as accurate as the pellet it shoots! So it therefore pays to shoot good ones, like these .177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets!


Additionally, JSB invest much research and development in the design of their Exact airgun pellets. This ensures they are aerodynamically efficient, with a good ballistic coefficient. This results in stable flight and a favourable trajectory. All that leads to the best accuracy possible.


8.44 grains 4.51mm .177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets are waisted, with a domed head. Its body is smooth, rather than ribbed for minimum friction in the air. Its tail and skirt design ensures a good seal in the bore. This means two things. Firstly, good power as no air escapes around the skirt. Secondly, good consistency between one shot and the next.


Because of its power and accuracy, the 8.44 grains .177 JSB Exact airgun pellets are very popular pellet with target shooters and serious hunters. It is suitable for use in low-, mid- and high-powered airguns, although it performs best in air rifles producing less than 20 ft/lbs power at the muzzle. In the UK, the 8.44 grains 4.5mm .177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets are considered ‘the ideal’ for sub-12 ft/lb air rifles.


  • Head: Roundhead (domed) – 4.51mm diameter
  • Waist: Waisted
  • Tail: Semi-hollow skirt
  • Body: Smooth


.177 JSB Exact Airgun Pellets (8.44 grains – 4.51mm) are supplied in metal tins. There are 500 pellets per tin, with a foam lined lid. Each tin carries a QC batch control sticker.


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