The Lee-Enfield (Guns) Ltd ‘Brothers in Arms’ ® Lee-Enfield SMLE® (in CO2 Steel .177 BB format)



We know you have been waiting a (very) long time for this iconic rifle-but the Lee-Enfield SMLE® (in CO2 Steel .177 BB format) is very nearly ready to go. Over the last 12 months we have been working hard with the factory to produce key features, such as :-
• All wood and metal construction
• Same weight and dimensions as the original: 44-inches-long and 8-lbs,13-oz in weight
• 500-550fps velocity (temperature and BB weight dependant)
• 30+ full-power shots from a single CO2 capsule
• 15 shot magazine
• Accepts original accessories such as slings and bayonets-Ideal for re-enactors.
• Shipped in full-colour bespoke-cut carton
• User manual in period sepia.

We have leak and jam tested the rifle and were delighted with the reliability shown in the results.

If you have already ordered, you are guaranteed to receive product from the first shipment.

If you are yet to order RRP is £429- Please call

Additional Combined Magazine/Valve units are available as an optional extra at £59.99.



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