You did it!

Hi All,

You did it!

Your support-and your votes-secured us first place in these prestigious awards. The full results are published in the ‘March’ edition of ‘Airgun Shooter’ that went on sale on the 30th January

Our winner’s rosette is proudly displayed below. The ‘Trophy’ was already our best -and fastest- selling product ever and the hotly contested accolade can only drive sales to new heights.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

We have a whole ramp of new product releases over the coming months, including a fabulous new feature-rich multi-shot PCP that will set a new low price bench mark that others will struggle to match. We sincerely hope that the ‘Talisman’ will be a contender for ‘Best PCP Rifle 2015’ –and we hope we will have  cause to contact you again

Thank you.

Kind regards

Mike Hurney

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