TSP AIR RAM Compressor 2017 Instructional User Video


00:00 [Music]
00:12 hello there I’m Charlie Shepard I’m
00:13 sales director the shooting party I’m
00:17 here today to show you the features that
00:18 I new Air Force one air and 300 bar
00:21 pre-charge pneumatic air gun compressor
00:23 this is aimed at the home user and club
00:26 user and he’s today to show you the
00:27 features when you remove your compressor
00:35 from the box it comes with the
00:37 compressor body itself power lead the
00:42 water pump in an outlet tubes and the
00:44 water pump itself also with your fill
00:48 light connector filters and speed
00:52 coupling for attaching your various
00:54 adapters to your arrogance or your air
00:56 gun die pocket the first and most
01:04 important task once you’ve removed your
01:06 compressor from its packaging is to put
01:09 oil in it the compressors are supplied
01:11 without any oil inside them they should
01:13 not be run without oil in them remove
01:17 this plug from the oil filler here put
01:21 that rubber plug on one side use a
01:24 funnel pour oil in to the sump keep an
01:28 eye on the sight glass air which will
01:29 tell you the oil level there’s a safety
01:31 sticker there which informs you how much
01:33 oil is needed and how to monitor it in
01:36 the sight glass once you put the oil in
01:39 screw screwing this bleed breathe the
01:43 valve here
01:45 [Music]
01:50 the next step is to attach the water
01:53 cooling system to the pump this is where
01:56 water comes in through this hose here
01:58 and water is recycled out of this hose
02:01 here this is the water inlet this is the
02:05 water outlet this is the water inlet
02:09 pipe and you attach it to the pump in
02:12 this way
02:22 this pump will then be placed in a tub
02:25 of water which we’ll show you shortly
02:26 and this water outlet hose will also go
02:30 back into the pump so you’re constantly
02:31 circulating water through to call the
02:33 pump this is where the electrical
02:36 connection for the pump goes in this is
02:41 how to set up your water cooling system
02:43 take your pump with the hose connected
02:46 placed into the tub of water it will
02:49 slip to the bottom with suction cups
02:51 then take the water return hose and put
02:54 it into the same tub when you plug in
02:58 and switch on the wall socket your water
03:00 pump will prime before you switch on the
03:03 compressor this is the blow-off valve
03:13 this is the oilfield aluminous pressure
03:16 gage the safe working pressure of 3000
03:20 psi the compressor has a temperature
03:25 gauge please ensure that the coupling is
03:30 attached here in the cylinder to monitor
03:32 the temperature in your cylinder
03:42 you
03:44 at the back of your compressor there is
03:47 a fan behind here please ensure that you
03:50 don’t obstruct the airflow to the fan
03:52 this is the bleed valve this is the
03:56 replaceable blower file when you bleed
04:00 off air after filling your air gun all
04:03 your bottle excess moisture and come out
04:06 at the end of this pipe please do not
04:08 obstruct the end of this pipe this is a
04:13 standard mains plugging lead that
04:16 collects to 240 volt power supply this
04:21 is the filter housing inside here is a
04:25 fiber filter we suggest that you replace
04:28 these every 50 fills on the end of the
04:34 housing is a speed coupler which you can
04:36 use to attach to your air gun adapters
04:38 and your air cylinder adapters to fill
04:48 the gut firstly ensure the gun is
04:49 unloaded take your filter housing and
04:54 speed coupler and attach it to the film
04:58 program you comb using the appropriate
04:59 fitting to fill your air gun
05:03 press the switch on top here remember to
05:06 monitor your gauge to make sure it
05:08 reaches the appropriate pressure and
05:09 does not exceed it
05:21 when you filled your air gun to the
05:23 required pressure open the bleed valve
05:26 by turning it anti-clockwise this will
05:32 bleed off air and excess moisture when
05:34 you’ve bled off the excess air
05:36 it’s then safe to remove the filter
05:38 housing and the adapter from your Eggar
05:41 the compressor can be used to fill fixed
05:44 cylinder air guns buddy bottle equipped
05:46 air guns and air cylinders the shooting
05:51 party could supply any spares
05:53 replacement filters a replacement pump
05:57 if you should need one and any technical
05:59 support and advice you need for your
06:01 compressor safety is very important this
06:09 is something that we put a lot of time
06:10 thought or money into every air amp sold
06:13 by us will bear the European City mark
06:16 which is sure as consumers that the
06:18 product has been rigorously tested to
06:20 the highest safety and environmental
06:22 standards and is approved for sale in
06:24 here all EU countries and many more if
06:31 you have any other queries about the
06:33 compressor or any other products from
06:35 the shooting party please do not
06:37 hesitate to contact us
06:40 [Music]]


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