The SMLE BB Firing Replica Rifle review

The SMLE BB Firing Replica Rifle review transcript

Hello and welcome back, everybody. Floyd from the air rifles. Hey, I’ve got a couple of rifles to show you today. We’ve got the Lynnfield SEAL to power would be repeated that everybody’s been waiting for for about two years. It feels like feels like two centuries, to be honest with you. But I’ve also got a new Stoga rifle, and we’ve done really well with Stogas this year. Surprisingly well, actually been they’ve been a really reliable rifle.

The distribution is really good, which is JMK actually after sales service. I’ve been looking for a new junior rifle for a while to sort of fill the gap because unfortunately a lot of junior rifles aren’t particularly suitable for juniors. I know it sounds quite weird, but what tends to happen is people make junior rifles down to a price. They try to cut corners as much as possible. And unfortunately, this leads to things like really bad trigger units. And and I know that it doesn’t seem that important for a junior.

A good unit is as important as anything, in fact, is more important possibly than a good unit for an adult rifle, because at the end of the day, they can’t use the trigger unit and they struggle with it. They’re not going to have that much fun. They’re not going to be able to hit stuff. You know, and you’ve got to remember, the juniors are generally weaker than adults. So the trigger is quite important.

So what I’m saying is, is that if you could afford it, go for something like a hedge to be thirty, which is a fantastic junior rifle, but it is very expensive in our thirties. Thirties are around about the 210 pounds, something like that. You know, if you feel like your junior is going to get into the sport and is going to love it and invest lots of money and you’ll really appreciate it, but if you don’t want to spend, it becomes more difficult because like I what junior rifles aren’t particularly good quality.

So we were quite shocked with the with the new stokers, which is the extra tack. Now, I’m not going to say that this trig unit is as good as a because it simply isn’t. And I haven’t come across any junior rifle onto the price of a firearm as good as a firearm. But I’ll tell you what, these are about. Seventy nine pounds. Very, very lightweight. Really nice there to catch on the back. So easy to operate.

And the trigger also has got a little bit of creep you start off with. Actually, when we’ve been testing these out, we find that there is a point where you know that the gun is going to fire. So there is a point on the unit that becomes consistent shot to shot. So and I think that’s going to be quite important also as well. Fibreoptic sights on it. And you know what? Actually, the finish on the Bluefin is absolutely superb.

So if you’re into you know, if you want to get a junior started, go for the Varrick actually 13. If you don’t have a look at the Astorga X3 tank, which I think is a lovely looking rifle. And I think any June you’ll be really able to receive that for this Christmas and 280 quid, you just can’t go wrong. So we’re stuck in those now. OK, I’m not going to talk too much more about that because I’m sure everybody’s here to to to see the new Lynnfield know.

We’ve all been waiting for this for a couple of years. It’s something that I’ve been really excited about. So let’s let’s get into it. It is a baby, by the way. Let’s get the box over with. As you can see, it’s got a nice box. And this is the same company that actually did the the HMOs and the HMOs in the Gundam and 1944. So we’ve already had models of Reifel from this manufacturer that are proven really reliable and really popular and really well well finished.

So so that’s a good start. Box doesn’t really have much in it. You can see it’s got a nice little picture on the front. It’s got some information on the side. But when you open it, apart from the gun, you’ve basically got a little instruction manual, usually instruction manual and you’ve got an Allen key, which I’ve come to a second. This isn’t going to be an in depth review because that’s really not what we’re about. Yeah, there’s going to be other guys like Undesirably Review.

That is a really good job of doing stuff in detail. So I’m going to leave that to to Andy to do a better job, as in going into detail. But what we’ve got, as you can see, you’ve got a really nice assembly, replica eight takes sale, two bulbs, single shot, the twelve Graham style small one, which will give you a round about thirty shots per per bulb. All this is metal metal, metal adjustable.

Since you’ve got a prop., this is a stock. And this is actually one of the reasons why there was part of the delay for the rifle coming to us, because when we saw the original prototypes, that quality of the wood was crap. It really was. And I think quite a few dealers also included, went back to the importer, said, look, it’s just, you know, it’s not good enough for. Want to answer this, we want it better, so I think we went back to the drawing board and that they also actually spent quite a lot of time actually redeveloping the whole system because they wanted more power out of it.

And that does seem to have happened. Although don’t get me wrong, this is not it’s not a full power rifle. I would imagine you’re probably going to get around about six or pounds out of it. I have no time to chronicle it, but I have been shooting it. I’ve been really enjoying it. But it’s a back garden plane that actually could look fantastic on Sundays. While, you know, you might have a sentimental thing about landfill’s or you might just want to have one in your collection.

And I think really overall, we’ve done a really nice job. I mean, from the back to the front, you’ve got this sort of full brass looking metal part and you’ve actually got the little caps. There were originally, I think it was a cleaning kit. Now something else doesn’t come with it. But I guess if you wanted to be pedantic and have everything absolute perfect, you could probably buy yourself a cleaning kit and put that in the back.

You’ve got swivels now. The sling is an extra. These are around about 18 pounds.

But I thought I would put the sling on just to show you what it’s like. And do apologise for the phone in the background to work in shop. But you can see that the Sukhumvit whistling that just cut straight on. You’ve got the bolt action, which actually does work, which is what it doesn’t. It is not a full throttle bolt action. It comes back to that, as you can see. So it’s quite a it’s quite a short throw, which is actually nice because when you’re shooting it, it’s quicker to operate and there’s less wobble and slack.

So it’s it’s it’s a nice, precise movement. So you basically you just cocking it back because in the open that’s ready to fire. You’ve got a safety catch on the side that, as you can see, sort of a set catch can come back that can be put on when it’s cocked, as we said, to catch up. You can also decock this rifle. So you lift the bolt out and then basically you press the trigger and you push the ball forward right now, as the magazine itself has got the release here.

So what you do is you pop the gun first, you press the button inside the trigger guard, and then it releases the magazine. We’ve been practising I’ve come here because we’ve been very good at this. There is a little release that you press, you press something in. I’ve got nails and although we go we did it, by the way. So that releases side of the magazine that comes off seal table, goes in and keeps screwing it up and punches it.

And then you put that back on by sliding. This is this is this going to work? And we go about slides back on. OK, well once you’ve done that and that’s the that’s the seal to Felde and then on the other side, hopefully you’ll be able to see that there is a little spring. You pull the lever down and quickly to the side and then you load the BBC and we found it’ll take about 15. It’s like a sort of double standard magazine.

So it’s like 15 shots once you’ve actually loaded the BBC. It’s just a simple case of clipping. And you can see I’m actually put in the magazine with it lifted like that angle and then actually clips into place. And that’s about ready to go.

Good itself is just over eight pounds, which is three point seven kilograms, which means it’s roughly about the same as an original. And also as well, according to the box, you can get original accessories on it, including obviously you see the sling we’ve talked about, but also a bayonet, not really that to which you should really be put in a ban on it. But I guess if you want realism, you want it to look good. Fair enough.

Both those are available on those standard accessories price and this is 399 pounds. And overall, I would say, you know, what is it worth the way? It’s been a long way. It’s been two years. Maybe, maybe it’s not. Has been worth waiting two years for. But I’ll tell you all, I think they’re doing a fantastic job of it. It looks great. And we’ve already had quite a lot people in the shop. And it sort of it seems to bring back memories for a lot of people.

And it’s a very iconic gun. So I really like it through to 1999.

Obviously isn’t particularly cheap, but it is wood is metal. And overall, I think that’s fantastic. And I’ll be pick myself one of these because I’ve always wanted an infield for my collection because I collect soft stuff as well on in the arse off range. I’ve never been out to get all the volume filled. So this will this will fill a little spot in the collection. And I think it looks absolutely fantastic. We’ve got these in Stockholm. We have not got an awful lot.


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