Range Right Ltd (“Range Right”) of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, the Shooting & Outdoor Pursuits company, announced today the launch of the AirForceOnetm    Apex Predatortm premium Gas Ram Technology air rifle.

“The ‘Apex Predatortm is a Premier Grade Gas Ram, Break Barrel Hunting Rifle, in .22, with a Precision Rifled Steel Barrel, Scope Dovetail, an ambidextrous Chequered German Beech Stock, Manual Safety, TRUGLO Fibre Optic Sights, Rubber Butt Pad, and a Gold Trigger  at the lowest SRP price point in the category of only £159.99.” said Gill Peters, Managing Director, Range Right Ltd.

“The use of Gas Ram Technology (‘GRT’) produces a faster lock time than with traditional spring-powered guns, meaning that the pellet leaves the barrel more quickly, once the trigger is pulled, producing greater accuracy than traditional ‘springers’ ‘GRT’ also means the rifle can stay cocked all-day without loss of power, or damage to its Gas Strut, meaning the hunter never misses that ‘once-in-a-trip’ target opportunity” She added.
“To compliment these airguns we are introducing a new range of pellets. Available in .177 and .22 calibres and a choice of either domed or pointed heads, the Panthers are clean, consistent and ballistically efficient to achieve faster flight, greater accuracy and deeper penetration. The pellets are of above average weight at 16.9grains in .22 domed and 9.2grains in .177 domed variants-but the collection is topped-off by the ‘Heavy Metal’ model, the ultimate hunting pellet, weighing in at 21grains –the very pellets that were used when developing the barrel of this exceptional rifle” Peters concluded.

AirForceOnetm Air Rifles, Pistols and Panther pellets are manufactured for the brand owner, The Shooting Party of Shenstone, Staffordshire, UK and exclusively distributed in the UK by Range Right Ltd.
SRP: Apex Predator £159.99
SRP: Panther Pellets .177 £ 4.99 (Tin of 500), .22 £6.99 (Tin of       500),.22 ‘Heavy Metal’ £11.99 (Tin of 500)



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