Range Right Ltd (“Range Right”) of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, the Shooting & Outdoor Pursuits company, announced today the addition of a 532nm wave length Airgunner’s Green Laser sight designed specifically for Airgun shooters, to their PAO-Professional Airgun Opticstm portfolio

“From the outset PAO’s credo has been to specify products with features and benefits that will appeal directly to the serious airgun shooter and offer ‘out of the box’ functionality” said Gill Peters, Managing Director  of Range Right.

“For example, customers were asking for a laser that could be used effectively in daylight conditions. Red Lasers are fine for indoor use and from dusk onward, but are not readily visible during the day. At 532nm (Nano Metres) the green laser beam itself is only 532 Billionths of a metre in diameter, but unlike Red Lasers it has a range of up to 50 metres in daylight* and up to 2600 metres at night-more than enough to satisfy the most ambitious airgun hunter or target shooter.

Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminium the PAO Green Laser weighs in at only 156g, including battery and remote tactical switch, so it doesn’t add weight materially to , say, a PCP set-up that already boasts a sound moderator and a traditional scope. It comes complete with both a tactical switch for convenient mounting close to the trigger, and a ‘button’ on/off switch for when the laser is used separately from the gun. Mounting options provided include a three screw ‘tunnel’ style 20/22mm “Weaver/Picatinny” mount and a figure of ‘8’ 25mm x 25mm mount to allow the laser to be fitted directly to a scope. PAO have also modified their design to include x / y windage & elevation adjustment via traditional turrets, rather than the more ‘fiddly’ grub-screw arrangement present on most lasers.

Compact, with precision accuracy it offers quick target acquisition that is perfect for rapid fire or moving targets” She added.

Presented in distinctive PAOtm packaging the sight comes complete with mounts, Allen key, Lithium battery, 12 months warranty and two styles of on/off switches.
Imported by the brand owner The Shooting Party PAO-Professional Airgun Optics tm are exclusively distributed in the UK by Range Right Ltd


RRP: £49.99

1.  Green diode lasers are a lot different than those common red lasers you see all the time.

In a 640nm red laser pointer, there’s a red-emitting diode and a lens to collimate (focus) the beam.

In a 532nm green laser (pointer or larger size), there’s a BIG infrared laser diode that generates laser light at 808nm, this is fired into a crystal containing the rare-earth element “neodymium”. This crystal takes the 808nm infrared light and lases at 1064nm (yes, deeper in the infrared!). This 1064nm laser light comes out of the NdYV04 (neodymium yttrium vanadium oxide) crystal and is then shot into a second crystal (containing potassium, titanium, & phosphorus, usually called KTP) that doubles the frequency to 532nm – the bright green color you see. This light is then collimated (focused) by a lens and emerges out the laser’s “business end”. Just before the lens, there’s a filter that removes any stray IR (infrared) rays from the pump diode and the neodymium crystal. You don’t want that stuff in your green beam, trust me.
2.  This is why green diode lasers are so much more expensive than red ones. Lots of itty bitty parts, and they all need to be aligned by hand. If the polarisation is “off”, one or both crystals need to be turned. With red diode lasers, you just slap in the diode and slap a lens in front of it. Oh, and by the way, green lasers are a lot more effective in daylight!


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