The AirForceOne® “CAM-O-BRELLA” 8 Panel Camo Brolly. Fashion & Function




Camouflage patterns are ultra “on-trend” this season, so this Uber-fashionable brolly is at home in the Town-or in the Country!
This stylish umbrella with a camouflage design, is an 8-panel model featuring a quick release button and a straight handle.

As hunters, we spend an inordinate amount of time building hideouts in front of us when what we really need is something over the top of us to hide us from view of flying Pigeons. The AirForceOne® “CAMO-O-BRELLAtm makes an ideal hide “roof”. Suspend the brolly in the branches of bushes, or other vegetation where you intend to shoot; add additional vegetation, ferns or branches to further break-up the outline. Quick; Portable; Multi-Purpose- and inexpensive.
To construct a more substantial hide, obtain a 4-to-8-foot extension pole (the kind used for paint rollers). Next, utilise the “CAMO-O-BRELLAtm. Tightly duct-tape the umbrella shaft to the end of the pole, but leave the mechanism uncovered. In the field, extend the secondary pole, insert the pole into the soft ground around a tree or hedgerow on the flight line, and open the umbrella to hide yourself from prying pigeon eyes. Versatile and practical, it makes a great gift for the shooter in your life.


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