QYS Match Grade Airgun pellets .177 4.50mm 8.18gr


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Qiang Yuan Sports Goods (“QYS”) Match Grade Medal-winning airgun pellets.
Application: National Competition Shooting

We are absolutely delighted to be appointed as UK Distributors of QYS. Established in 1994 QYS developed their own technology and processes to rapidly produce some of the most accurate pellets ever manufactured, producing outstanding medal tallies in every Olympic Games since Sydney in 2000-a staggering total of 10 Golds, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze as well as scores of medals in World Cup events for both rifles and pistols (Official ISSF Data). Now Distributed in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, America, Canada, Russia, India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, South Africa and 20 other countries These super-accurate pellets deserve to be better known and more widely distributed to the UK trade, which is why we have invested heavily in large stockholdings to bring them to a wider audience

These Flat-Head pellets weigh 8.18 grains and show virtually zero weight variation pellet-to-pellet. The “Match” grades are individually hand-selected and packed in Styrofoam ‘trays’ of two sliding layers of 100 pellets each within a plastic box. They are available in 4.50mm. Fifteen years or so ago, very few shooters would have thought seriously of paying a premium price for hand-inspected pellets from the Czech Republic. Today JSB Diablo are amongst the market leaders. We intend to challenge that position with QYS.


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