PAO ® LaserLamp PRO 200 Lumen CREE LED Lamp with Green Laser & Reversible Mounts



  • Designed specifically for Hunting & Vermin control.
  • Combines a Green Laser which has a range of up to 50 metres in daylight and up to 2600 metres at night.
  • With a 200 Lumen CREE LED Lamp with a range of 150 metres + to provide the ideal ‘dawn ‘till dusk’ hunting combo.
  • The integrated mount is fully reversible, so one way it fits standard 9mm dovetails, reverse it and its perfect for 20mm Weaver/Picatinny style rails, giving the widest possible range of mounting options.
  • Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminium the PAO ® LaserLamp PRO ™ weighs in at only 450g, including the integrated mount, batteries and remote tactical switch, so it doesn’t add weight materially to, say, a PCP set-up that already boasts a sound moderator and a traditional scope.
  • It comes complete with CR2 & 16340 batteries and a battery charger should the user wish to use rechargeable batteries. Ultra-Compact, with precision accuracy it offers quick target acquisition that is perfect for rapid fire or moving targets.
  • Presented in distinctive and informative packaging the PAO ® LaserLamp PRO ™ comes complete with an integrated reversible 9mm/20mm mount, offering maximum mounting options, 12 months’ warranty and two styles of on/off switches.


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