PAO ® ForwardReach ‘AntiCant’ Mount.




PAO ® ForwardReach ‘AntiCant’ tm Mount. Designed for use with 20mm wide ‘Weaver/Picatinny’ rails, these Single Piece Rifle Scope Mounts allow Scopes, Torches, Lasers or Night Vision equipment to be mounted forward-or backward-of a limited length gun rail.

Incorporated at the rear of the mount is a spirit/” bubble” level designed to eliminate canting of the rifle/scope for enhanced long range accuracy. (Cant error is the result of not holding the rifle bore axis and the scope axis in a vertical plane.)

This new mount offers significantly more mounting options than standard mounts. Ruggedly constructed with a Double-Clamp (4 bolts on each cap) design and finished in Tactical Matt Black, they will fit either 30mm bodied scopes-or with the use of the provided 25mm reducer inserts-25mm bodied scopes or accessories. They are 148mm long overall and 60mm high. Suitable for scopes/accessories with objective lenses up to 56mm.


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