Lee Enfield Guns, M16 A1 Carbine CO2 powered rifle 4.5mm steel BB format


The “Brothers in Arms series of replica, iconic 20th century, weapons, is produced for Lee-Enfield (Guns) Ltd.

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Our latest model is the Lee Enfield Guns, M16 A1 Carbine . The M16 is a family of military rifles adapted from the ArmaLite AR-15 that was officially accepted into service by the U.S. military in 1964, to replace the older M14. It was deployed for Jungle Warfare in Vietnam the following year and has been featured in hundreds of films and TV shows-notably in the Conrad -inspired Apocalypse Now.” In 1969 the M16 A1 became the US military’s standard service rifle and incorporated numerous modifications, including a bolt-assist, chrome-plated bore, protective reinforcement around the magazine release, and a revised flash suppressor: Total worldwide production exceeds 8 million, making it the most produced firearm of its 5.56mm calibre”.

“Based on the ultimate war fighter rifle, our CO2 -powered M16 A1, incinerates targets with blistering semi-auto shots and a real steel feel, fuelled by a single CO2 cartridge. It’s able to send .177 BBs downrange at over 495 fps, the replica features full-metal construction throughout the barrel, receiver, and the 18rd BB magazine.


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