JTS Dead Center Domed .22 5.5mm Airgun Pellets – 18.10 grains


JTS Dead Center Domed .22 5.5mm Airgun Pellets

18.10 grains 1.173 grams heavy weight airgun ammo


JTS Dead Center Domed .22 5.5mm Airgun Pellets

18.10 grains Heavy weight airgun ammo

JTS Dead Center Domed are considered among the best airgun pellets in .22 / 5.5mm caliber. American ammo manufacturer, JTS Airguns, spent two years developing this new waisted pellet line. Now in production and available for the first time in the UK, this heavy weight .22 pellet is precision engineered using using latest airgun ammo manufacturing machinery and processes. This ensures both quality and consistency, which in airgun shooting terms, translates to better accuracy.

Heavyweight Ammo

This variant of the .22 / 5.5mm caliber Dead Center Domed tips the scales at 18.10 grains (1.173 grams), putting it in the heavy airgun pellet. Heavy airgun pellets retain their muzzle energy very efficiently on their way to the target. This means that they arrive with much more stopping power – in other words, they hit harder! The 18.10grn Dead Center Domed is therefore ideal for airgun hunting and pest control.
If you do not want such a heavy .22 caliber pellet, JTS also manufacture a 16.05 grain Dead Center Domed.

Most Accurate

Additionally, the high quality and shot-to-shot consistency of the Dead Center Domed also makes it highly accurate. So you can also use this .22 for target work and competitions, like benchrest shooting.


The Dead Center Domed is suitable for use in PCP (precharged pneumatic), spring-powered, CO2 and pump-up air rifles and air pistols. Also suitable in high-power, FAC rated air rifles.


  • Head: Roundhead (domed)
  • Waist: Waisted
  • Tail: Semi-hollow skirt


JTS supply their 18.10 grain Dead Center Domed in tins. There are 250 pellets per tin, with a foam-lined lid.


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