Hatsan Gladius .177 Bullpup



The Gladius from Hatsan is a full size and powerful Bullpup PCP rifle fresh from the airgun manufacturer and is packed with features for the demanding UK shooters. The bullpup format means that the action is set at the very rear of the stock which reduces the length of the rifle considerably whilst still keeping a full size barrel and cylinder.

The action is based around a side lever action like some of Hatsans other models, and this rifle incorporates their anti double load system to prevent more than one pellet being loaded at a time. The pellets are fed in through a 10 shot magazine into the steel barrel which is rifled and choked to ensure superb accuracy and consistency.

The synthetic polymer stock has an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad which enable you to obtain your perfect shooting position, and a unique feature of the stock is the magazine holder which can hold three magazines at a time in easy reach.

The air cylinder has a built in pressure gauge so you always know how much are you have left, and the cylinder can be detached and replaced with another for an extended session. As well as the rifle you will receive a hard case, and a slings making it great value for money.

.177 Rifle with scope/mounts hard case included.

We charge £10.00 for delivery to your RFD and your RFD might charge you a handling fee.
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