ASG Brugger & Thomet Airsoft Suppressor for 6mm Airsoft Guns


ASG Brugger & Thomet Sound Suppressor



ASG Brugger & Thomet Sound Suppressor.

An Alloy suppressor, designed to fit both Airsoft Sniper Rifles and Standard Airsoft AEG that uses a 14mm CCW outer barrel end.

BB Guide Tube
Trademark Finishings
23mm/14mm Adapter
Produced in a Black colour, with silver trade markings. The suppressor has an internal a 14mm fitting thread, but comes with an adaptor which allows the 14mm CCW threaded suppressor to be mounted on Airsoft Sniper Rifles which feature a 23mm CW barrel thread. The adaptor can also be used to fit other aftermarket suppressors to it, so if you decide to mix things up in the future, you have the adaptor to start with and build upon. An excellent affordable item to suppress your Airsoft rifle.
Comes with a 23mm CW / 14mm CCW Adaptor
Suppressor attaches to 14mm CCW (Ideal for 90% of guns on the market)
23mm CW adaptor is suited for many Airsoft sniper rifles
Overall Diameter of 40mm
Tight internal BB guide tube
Silver trademark finishing
Included with the suppressor is a 23mm CW to 14mm CCW Adaptor, meaning that the suppressor can be fitted on both Airsoft Sniper Rifles and and Airsoft AEG with a 14mm CCW outer barrel.


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