“Anson & Deeley” 100% Real Leather “Pillaton” ‘Double Gun’ Shotgun Slip-An ‘English Heritage’ brand


Pillaton Double-Gun Leather Slip

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High Quality Hand- Stitched Leather Accessories
The names Anson & Deeley have been intrinsically linked to Sporting Shooting excellence since their joint invention of the shotgun boxlock action in 1875.Today the company also produces a range of high quality Shooting Accessories, including Shotgun Slips, Cartridge Belts, Cartridge Bags, Recoil Pads and Shooting Sticks. THE HAND-CRAFTED “PILLATON” SHOTGUN SLIP IS:-

  • A ’Double Gun’ design that can be swiftly detached to provide two completely separate slips, each with their own saddle leather carrying handles and shoulder straps.
  • Beautifully hand stitched for strength and durability.
  • 52” (133cm) in length to comfortably accommodate shotguns with barrel lengths up to 34” (87cm)
  • 8” (20cm)wide at the mouth
  • Dark brown leather with wonderfully soft padded “polar fleece” lining.
  • The strap buckles and other fittings are of brass and are of strong, solid construction.
  • Saddle Leather adjustable shoulder straps and carry handles
  • Hand sewn blocked muzzle ends to protect the barrels
  • Buckled Flap for quick shotgun access
  • High quality, full length zip robustly sown into the slip to aid easy insertion and removal  of the gun and drying the slip after a soaking in the field
  • Leather is a natural product and should be cared for with good quality Saddle Leather Cleaner. Looked after in this way it will last you a lifetime
  • Embossed “Anson & Deeley” Logo
  • “Anson & Deeley” swing ticket


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