“Anson & Deeley” 100% Real Leather “Hatherton” Shotgun Slip-An “English Heritage” brand

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“Excellence in Sporting Shooting since 1875”
High Quality Hand- Stitched Leather Accessories
The names Anson & Deeley have been intrinsically linked to Sporting Shooting excellence since their joint invention of the shotgun boxlock action in 1875. Today the company also produces a range of high quality Shooting Accessories, including Shotgun Slips, Cartridge Belts, Cartridge Bags, Shooting sticks and the “BAK-SAVA” combined shooting stick and cartridge retriever. THE HAND-CRAFTED “HATHERTON” SHOTGUN SLIP IS:-

Beautifully hand stitched for strength and durability.
Dark brown leather with wonderfully soft padded “lambs fleece” lining.
The strap buckles and other fittings are of brass and are of strong, solid construction.
Bridle Leather adjustable shoulder strap,
Hand-sewn blocked muzzle end to protect barrels
51” (130cm) in length to comfortably accommodate shotguns with barrel lengths up to 32” (81cm)
High quality, full length zip robustly sown into the slip to aid easy insertion and removal of the gun and drying the slip after a soaking in the field.

Leather is a natural product and should be cared for and looked after it will last you a lifetime.


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