Anson & Deeley 100% real leather closed loop cartridge belt

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“Excellence in Sporting Shooting since 1875”

High quality hand-stitched leather accessories

The names Anson & Deeley have been intrinsically linked to Sporting Shooting excellence since their joint invention of the shotgun boxlock action in 1875.Today the company also produces a range of high quality Shooting Accessories, including Cartridge Belts, Cartridge Bags, Shooting sticks and the “BAK-SAVA” combined shooting stick and cartridge retriever.

  • · Hand stitched for strength and durability
  • · Dark brown leather with suede back for style and comfort
  • · Available in .410, 20ga and 12ga sizes
  • · The buckle and roller are of brass effect and are of good, solid construction
  • · 26 “closed loop” pouches to hold a complete box of cartridges –and one for luck!
  • · Designed to be worn lose over clothing:


  • Unlike other cartridge belts ours are suitable for waist measurement – 36″ to 48″
  • Actual belt measurement 44″ to 52″ (132cm)
  • Usually worn over the hips or as a bandoleer
  • This is a natural leather product, when it is first received the loops will be tight, as you use the item they will stretch slightly and become easier to use.
  • Leather should be cared for and looked after it will last you a lifetime.


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