AirForceOnetm SuperSwivel-Quick Detachable (“QD”) Swivels & Screw Studs



AirForceOnetm SuperSwivelstm

Quick Detachable (“QD”) Swivels

& Screw Wood Studs Set

Rifle Sling Swivels and Screws

These QD swivels and screws are easy to fit, the perfect way to attach 1” slings to any Rifle or Shotgun with fore end wood at least 5/8” deep.

The Set includes

•Quick release ‘lock tight’ system, all metal construction. Fits all standard studs, two per pack.

•Screw Wood Studs, all metal construction. Comes with washers and includes one short screw (Front) and one long screw (Rear), two per pack.

The AirForceOnetm brand is a byeword for quality, durability and practicality. Used worldwide by shooters and hunters, it is a brand that can be relied on to perform in all situations.


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