AirForceOne ‘Twisted Fire Starter’ Paracord Boot Laces



The latest addition to our AirForceOne range of shooting accessories are ‘Fire Starter’ Bootlaces constructed of incredibly strong woven Paracord 550, originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. The 130cm (51”) long Laces incorporate two flint (ferrocerium) spark rods and two steel striker blades that can quickly and easily be used to start camp fires in the most difficult of conditions and remotest of locations; simply striking the rod tips on the striker blades produces hot sparks at temperatures of about 3,000 °C (5,430 °F) that can be applied to any tinder material and start a fire. Since you’re already wearing laces, it only makes sense to wear Twisted Fire Starter Laces as a backup plan, whether you’re a hiker, camper, prepper, survivalist, or somebody who just likes to play it smart.

Designed to be de-constructed in seconds, the Paracord Laces are a great tool to help you be prepared for an emergency survival situation. When stalking, hunting, shooting, hiking, camping, fishing etc., simply unravel the laces and mend your clothes, use as fishing line, secure tents and equipment etc. No serious airgun Hunter should be without them.


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