AirForceOne® PANTHER Smooth DOMED Airgun pellets.22 (5.5mm) 250


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AirForceOne®  PANTHER Smooth DOMED Airgun pellets.22 (5.5mm) 250


Mediumweight 15.43 grains .22 (5.5mm)


  • Absolutely top quality, clean, shiny, swarf and distortion free


  • ‘In-Production light lube’ to keep barrels cleaner


  • Deep- screw secure 250 count tins


  • Faster Flight


  • Greater Accuracy


  • Deeper Penetration


  • Clean, consistent and Ballistically efficient


  • Go hunting with the ‘Big cat’-fast, fluent, feline-and muscular


‘Panther’ pellets out performed all other well-known pellet brands tested in terms of both group size and consistency of velocity


Test in the July 2015 issue of ‘Airgun Shooter’


Brand          Group size @ 25 yards   Velocity variance in a string of shots


RWS Hobby               22mm                                     12fps


H & N HP                   28mm                                     16fps


Webley PowaPell         18mm                                     13fps


Panther Domed         15mm                                      7fps



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