AirForceOne – NTK BUSTER



BRAND: AirForceOne
CALIBRE: 5.5MM (.22)


DESCRIPTION:  The original model of this single-stroke pneumatic (“SSP”) pistol had absolutely no recoil or ’spring-jump’ and the built-in muzzle break prevented muzzle flip, so delivering excellent accuracy. Couple this with a very crisp trigger and ergonomically-styled match grade grips and you had a perfect club level or Tetrathlon competition .177 pistol.

With critical parts constructed from heat-treated ordinance steel and a body made from fibre-reinforced polymers as used in the very latest Walther & Glock firearms pistols. The gun features an automatic safety and an anti-bear trap safety. This was a truly 21st century airgun. It quickly became our top-seller. Today we launch the ‘pistol plus’ model, comprising pistol, rigid pistol case with ‘egg box’ foam cushioning and a pair of ‘safety first’ shooting glasses.

It is shipped fitted with a precision rifled .22 barrel installed as standard, with muzzle velocity up to 450fps, for use as an ideal close-range, hard-hitting vermin controller. It is then a simple and straight forward process to switch to a .177 barrel for target shooting. It takes less than a minute and no special tools or experience are required. The optional .177 barrel is priced at £19.99.

Inspect and collect from our shop in Shenstone (South Staffordshire) or we can deliver to your local Registered Firearms Dealer.

We charge £8.00 for delivery to your RFD but your RFD might charge you a handling fee.

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