AirForceOne® Air Rover 12V/240V 300 BAR Portable PCP Airgun Compressor

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The AirForceOne® Air Rover 12V/240V 300 BAR Portable PCP Airgun Compressor, is a mobile air powerhouse , packed with features in a compact footprint; weighing in at a modest 7.3kg and measuring only 305 x 225 x 150mm (L x W x H) a portable compressor that can be powered from any 240V UK mains outlet (UK spec. power cord included). But don’t feel the need to stay put. If you have a car- you have a fill source! as the Air Rover can also operate from a 12V car battery (‘Jump Leads’ included)—a real lifesaver for PCP air gunners filling up at the range or in the field. No matter where your air gunning takes you, the Air Rover will keep you aired up and ready to shoot.

  • Unlike some other PCP compressors, the Air Rover uses a unique DRI-PAK filtration system, housed in an oversized brass filter tube, which is filled with desiccated moisture-absorbing media that removes 95%+ of the moisture from the air , thus protecting your valuable gun from corrosion.
  • Whether filling a PCP airgun from empty or just topping off, the Air Rover fills quickly and efficiently. When we tested, our Air Rover was able to fill a 216cc cylinder on an Air Arms S410 Classic from 90 Bar to 200 BAR in as little as 4.5 minutes. The adjustable, automatic shut-off allows you to set the compressor to the exact fill pressure of your gun (up to 300 Bar) and the unit stops when that pressure is reached.

We have also taken the time to write a clear, comprehensive User Manual in ‘English, English’ so that users can use their new compressor safely and efficiently from the get-go

The Air Rover lets PCP air gunners break free of stationary fill sources forever! Become your own mobile air powerhouse with the most portable air compressor on the market.


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