.25 AirForceOne Panther DOMED Airgun Pellets


.25 AirForceOne Panther DOMED Airgun Pellets.
31 grains – 6.35mm.
Supplied in metal tin of 150 pellets.
Waisted heavyweight round head for pest control.


.25 AirForceOne Panther DOMED Airgun Pellets

31 grains – 6.35mm

AirForceOne has teamed up with a top ammo manufacturer to produce a superb value for money airgun pellet in the Panther. Don’t be put off by the affordable price – these pellets represent absolute top quality in airgun ammunition.


.25 AirForceOne Panther DOMED Airgun Pellets are suitable for any air pistol or air rifle, whether it is spring-powered, a PCP (precharged pneumatic), a pump-up or CO2-powered. However, it is particularly recommended for air rifles with a higher muzzle energies. Additionally, their extra heavy weight makes them ideal for hunting. These pellets offer much greater stopping power over standard weight airgun pellets.

Heavyweight Design

At 31 grains (2 grams), these .25 AirForceOne Panther DOMED Airgun Pellets are super heavyweight. This means they will arrive at their target with a much greater energy than a lighter pellet. Their extra mass also means they retain their velocity much better over distance.

They are waisted, with a round (domed) head. The body of the .25 AirForceOne Panther DOMED Airgun Pellets is smooth, rather than ribbed, for minimum friction in the air. Its tail and skirt design ensures a good seal in the bore. This means two things. Firstly, good power as no air escapes around the skirt. Secondly, good consistency between one shot and the next.


  • Head: Domed – 6.35mm diameter
  • Waist: Waisted
  • Tail: Semi-hollow skirt
  • Body: Smooth


.25 AirForceOne Panther DOMED Airgun Pellets (31 grains – 6.35mm) are supplied in metal tins. There are 150 pellets per tin.

At a Glance Features:

  • Lightweight 7.5 grain
  • Absolutely top quality
  • Faster Flight
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Deeper Penetration
  • Clean, consistent and ballistically efficient

Go hunting with the ‘Big cat’ – fast, fluent, feline-and muscular!

Recommended for use in all .25″ / 6.35mm calibre airguns, but especially AirForceOne air rifles and air pistols.


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