The Shooting Party (“TSP”) of Shenstone, Staffs, UK, the Shooting & Outdoor Pursuits company, announced today the launch of the AirForceOne ® “ADRAS*”/Atlas BT37 ‘Quick Change’ Stainless Steel Spike Feet.

 When we launched our new ADRAStm Bipod in July 2017 we felt it was simply the best Bipod we had ever seen. It seems that Shooters felt so too, as it quickly became one of our best-and fastest- selling accessories ever.”

“ Both the Black and Sand versions are now back in stock and feature special rubber-coated feet that increase the friction between the bipod feet and the surface they contact for a more stabilised shooting position. Today we introduce the Atlas BT37 ‘Quick Change’ Stainless Steel Spike Feet option, which is ideal for use on wet or soft ground. Completely interchangeable with the rubber feet, they are easily installed with the press of a stainless-steel plunger. The Spikes deliver a singularly aggressive foot to support the bipod. The Spike portion is approximately 1.45” long with the largest OD of approximately 1”. Available in Raw Stainless with a black insert, or Raw Stainless with a silver insert. Weight is 2.7 ounces” said Mike Hurney, Chairman, TSP.

“The ADRAStm is a premium quality, feature packed ‘Atlas’-style Bipod, now with feet options to suit all shooting terrains, at a price every shooter can afford.” Hurney added.

AirForceOne® precision adult airguns and accessories are manufactured for the brand owner, TSP, and exclusively distributed to the UK Trade by them.


AVAILABILITY: January 2018

SRP: Bipod £ 59.99  

Spike Feet £ 19.99

*ADRAS is the Berber word for ATLAS





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