Desert Falcons set to fly

desert_falcon_reviewAirguns, both rifle and pistol, have long been an ideal introduction to the shooting sports as they are relatively inexpensive, cheap to run with their lead pellet ammunition and, above all, are great fun! Pistols are intrinsically more difficult to shoot accurately with than rifles, so present a great challenge to those who choose them. The satisfaction from learning how to shoot them well is very rewarding, though. Now there is a new option from air pistol supplier AirForceOne, with its Desert Falcon air pistol.This is a precision single-shot pistol that feels very good in the hand; it’s quite light, but not too light, at 8009 with a comfortable hold provided by the moulded grips integral with the polymer frame.

Adjustable open sights are fitted and a rail in the top section that houses the barrel allows a scope, red dot or laser sight to be fitted if preferred. Power is supplied by pulling back the false ‘hammer’, and doing this frees the top sectionl this also serves to
cock the trigger mechanism. Then, after a pellet is pressed into the exposed rifled steel barrel, closing the top section
charges the pistol’s cylinder with compressed air – despite its very modest price tag, thispistol operates on the modern precharged system, not spring and piston power.This system makes for vibration and recoilfree firing, which is a great aid to more accurate results; the trigger, though, having a fairly long release, is very light to pull- another factor that will help achieve good results much more quickly.

This pistol is very accurate,performing well above itsprice category. Add to thisthe safety factor where the trigger is automatically blocked each time the pistol is cocked, making it an ideal training tool for beginners and for adult recreational target practice.

When you are able to shoot better than it can, you’ll be ready to move on to something much more expensive!

The Desert Falcon looks good too, with styling reminiscent of a full-size firearm with a quite similar name.

The Desert Faicon is available from The Shooting PNty, a company currently seeking distributors for its products in Europe and beyond. Also available are a ful1 range of scopes, including’SWAT’ scopes; redlgreen’Dot’ sights; Iaser sights and the Lumenmax lamping systems. Planned for launch in early 2072 is a range of AirForceOne airguns and accessories, including a Harristype bipod. Digital night vision equipment is also planned.

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