The Shooting Party of Shenstone, Staffordshire, the exclusive UK importer of shooting sports brands AirForceOnetm (Airguns and accessories) PAO-Professional Airgun Opticstm (Scopes,Lasers,Red Dot Sights, Range Finders and Lamping Systems) Anson & Deeleytm (Shooting Sports Accessories)and TUNDRA-TEXtm (Shooting Outerwear) today launch their new premium quality gun slips designed to comfortably accommodate rifles mounted with larger scopes.

“I have been conscious for some time that as shooters increasingly equip their rifles with ever more kit-sound moderators, ‘SWAT’ style scopes with lens covers or sun shades, Hunting Lamps, Lasers or Night Vision there was a lack of gun slips on the market with the correct dimensions and profiling to accommodate such combinations without the need to ‘take-down’ the rifle to some degree” said Mike Hurney of The Shooting Party.

The slips dimensions are 130 cm (52”) Long, 30cm (12”) High, with the ‘high-profiled’ section of the slip being 41cm (16”)long and 30cm high. Incorporating both a carry-handle and a fully adjustable shoulder strap: 55cm (21.5”) to 87cm (34”) the slip also features a large Integral accessory pouch: 21cm (8.5”) wide, 14cm (5.5”) deep and a full length heavy-duty zip

“Constructed from highly durable Corduratm 1000D which is waterproof, rot proof, anti-static, tear and fire resistant this slip can take anything that the great outdoors can throw at it and with its 25mm (1”)thick internal padding protects today’s shooters significant financial investment in their shooting gear. As well as being rugged and hard wearing, the slips look good too with real leather trim they are available in ‘Digital Woodland’ camo or OD (Olive Drab) green” Concluded Hurney
RRP: £ 39.99


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