Air Ram Compressor MKII Basic User Instructions from TSP

Air Ram Compressor MKII Basic User Instructions from TSP

Unpack your air compressor. Please check the old parts of included oil. Breathe. The plug one eight BS paid double female hose. Spare parts set, sass plug. So [inaudible] mini water pump 200 and tasty volt. UK means lead water, pump hoses, user instruction, manual optional bottle filling. Adapt that stop before assembly unused. Please do the following first, remove the oil filler protective cap. I’m making sure of the level in the sight glass window to fill up the oil level carefully. Pour the correct grade and quantitative oil in very slowly. So as not to cause an airlock, keep an eye on the level in the sight glass to make sure that it doesn’t go above the the center of the psych glass. When you reach the top stop, let it settle. If you need to drain the oil, use the some plug to drain the oil went cold. When you finish filling up, put in the oil fella, Bree the cap, screw it. Skirting carefully. Make sure it is fully home and set before use the coolant hoses are connected to the pump. Head by speed fittings, pressing the color. Then it set the hose fully. Making sure that all the way in Valisa Kala and make sure the hoses are secure.

The bottom hose is the inlet hose, which you connect to the top of your water pump. Making sure it is secure. The top hose is the outlet hose that returns back to your water container. The two prong plug from the water pump connects into the two-pronged adapter on the side of your compressor, the Fitton on the side of the valve. Housing is a quick release fittin connect on by pulling the color, making sure it was family in place. If you need to release it, drain the air and then pull the color and release the hose. The filter housing itself on screw the front section of the housing, and this will reveal your replaceable filters did just very easily push into the recess, reconnect the front section, making sure you connect and check the condition of the O-rings fascinate all the way in making sure it’s sealed so that no air can escape. If you have the optional bottles filling adapter, it is the same process for connecting that as you would to your rifle or your rifle adapter, lastly, plugin your lead, but do not plug it into the household maids. At this moment,

The water pump has suction cups mounted to the base so that you make sure that you securely facet to the bottom of your water container. Next is return holes. Same again. You have to make sure that they stay securely in the container to get the continuous flow and not cause damage to the pump. Only fill with clean, fresh water and make sure that you cover the top of your water pump. When you plug in the mains, the pump will automatically prime, leave it running for a short while and you can check to see if he can see the water pump through the head, monitor the temperature of the head at all times, the thermocouple in the head gets you the readings,


Yukon, make sure the pulse is clear and you have to crack the doctor, collect it into the speed Coplin making shirts secure and then insert it into your rifle. Making sure is also secure. Make sure that the bleed valve is in the fully closed position, which is clockwise on the display. You have the operating temperature of the head, the preset pressure that it’s going to run up to and the operating pressure while it’s charging, that will also turn off the automatic shutoff valve to set the preset press. The set button will tilt the desired presets rage show.

Once you have reached the preset range, press the on button and the compressor will start charging. Watch the display. When you have reached the preset pressure on your display, it will automatically shut off the vowel. The display will show one drop impression, make sure the drain off the filling holes and keep your hand away from the bottom of the drain valve. When the hose is clear, you can then remove your filling adapter and filter, and you’re ready to go. If during a bottle, make sure you inset the optional bottle, filling adapter, connect the speed Copeland, making sure that it’s secure. Make sure what pressure range you’re going to fill your bowl too.

Open up the valve on the bottle, but equalizing the pressure in the hose. Slightly open the bleed. Val, before turning on to get rid of any air locks, the may be in the holes, then staff filling up to your desired pressure. Remember again, close the valve on the bottle, open up the drain. So the pressure drops out of the connect and hose. Once it is fully drained, close the valve double-check the bottle is closed and then remove your filling adapter and you’re ready for use safety wise or remember high pressure is dangerous. Always keep your hands away from the filling valve. Always keep the vent fan and grill clear to pets. Her hands overheating, always check the oil level prior to use. And while it is cold, also only drain when it is cold. If the compressor won’t run, disconnect your mains, press the reset button on them side of the head for five seconds and then release and wait 10 seconds re inset the plug and try again. If fair, the problems persist, contact your supplier, always monitor the operating temperature of your unit. If it goes too hot, turn it off. All information is supplied by the shooting party. If you require information on this over the products, please contact them direct and the team will be happy to help.

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